3 Best Speakers For iPhone

Do you own an iPhone? Do you like listening to music while you’re out and about? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this is the article for you. The iPhone 8 has some incredible specs including a glass body, a battery life that lasts forever, and portrait mode.

But there is one feature that the Apple team didn’t talk about during the keynote and that’s streaming audio quality. So, if your short on cash or just want the best bang for your buck, here are 5 affordable speakers and 1 wireless speaker that will enhance your listening experience across all devices and leave your wallet much fatter.

Playing music out loud and through multiple speakers is more exciting, but more fun can be had when playing in a way that it blends with the home decor. Just ask yourself how many times you wanted to listen to music or the radio, but you don’t have the speaker on because your place looks like a mess and it kind of embarrassing to blare the background music from your selected iPhone or iPad applications.

iPhone speakers are everywhere but! But sometimes you may feel the music is not that great for the speakers. So here I’ve a collection of speakers by Apple along with other brands to play your favorite music loud and clear. Let’s check it out!


The 3 Best Speakers For iPhone.

There are lots of good speakers for iPhone. Before using these speakers you have to know how to clean it. There are Bluetooth speakers, there are WiFi speakers, and there are portable speakers. But what about the best speaker for an iPhone?

The iPhone has a few standard ways to get audio out of it: the built-in speaker on the bottom edge, headphones or earbuds that plug into the headphone jack, and wireless AirPods or BeatsX headphones.

The first two options get you sound out of the iPhone, but they’re not really great. The built-in speaker is okay for listening to podcasts or music in a pinch but isn’t very loud and doesn’t have a lot of bass. Plus it’s mono, which means you don’t get stereo separation.

The other option is to plug in wired headphones to listen to high-quality audio. But sometimes you want to share your music with others, or maybe you just want a bigger sound without having something plugged into your ears. In that case, a speaker is what you need.

We’ve rounded up the best speakers for iPhone, from pocket-friendly speakers to big party boomboxes.

Buying a smartphone is a big investment, so you want to make sure you get the accessories that will help your phone reach its full potential. Before buying, checkout the cleaning guide.

This list is specifically curated for iPhones and we’ve ensured that each speaker has a line-in option for iPhone.

By now, everyone has listened to music through the iPhone’s built-in speakers and thought, “I can do better.” Fortunately, there are a lot of great options for those who want to unlock their iPhones’ true audio potential. There are tons of portable speakers, some of which are actually designed to be used with the iPhone, while others are just simply good portable speakers that you can use your iPhone with. Here’s a complete list of some great options:

  1. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II – Soft Black
  3. UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof


JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL has been making audio equipment for more than 70 years, and the JBL Flip 4 is no exception to the quality that people have come to expect from the brand. This speaker is a great choice for your iPhone because it’s portable, waterproof and has a rugged design that makes it easy to take anywhere.

The JBL Flip 4 is one of the most affordable options on this list, but it’s also one of the most powerful. It features dual passive radiators that are responsible for its robust bass sound, as well as two 40mm drivers that can go up to 80 decibels. It also has a built-in microphone so you can answer calls while you’re listening to music, which is always handy.

One of our favorite things about this speaker is its battery life — it lasts up to 12 hours, which means you can listen all day long without worrying about recharging. The Flip 4 also allows you to connect multiple devices at once, so everyone can share their music without having to wait their turn.

The JBL Flip 4 is a waterproof speaker that offers excellent sound quality for its size. It connects via Bluetooth, has a 12-hour battery life and can pair with other speakers for stereo sound.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, the Flip 4 has an auxiliary audio port and a USB port for charging your device. It comes in a variety of colors and can be found at retailers nationwide.


Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II – Soft Black

Bose SoundLink Color II is the best speaker for iPhone that you can buy in 2018. It’s a portable speaker. It has a great design and amazing sound quality.

It has a soft black color. The dimension of this device is 7.1 x 2.3 x 2 inches and it weighs 1.2 pounds. The battery of this device lasts for 8 hours, and it takes 3 hours to charge completely.

This device comes with a micro-USB cable and a wall charger for charging your device’s battery. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer and if you want full details about its warranty then you can visit their official website.


UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

The UE ROLL 2 is about as portable as a speaker can get, and it’s still got great sound and a waterproof construction. If you’re looking for something that can go anywhere, this is the way to go.

The biggest selling point of the UE ROLL 2 is its size. It’s about the size of a large grapefruit, making it super-portable — it even comes with a little strap so you can hang it from your backpack or purse. It’s also water resistant and shockproof, making it ideal for use at the beach or by the pool.

Despite its size, though, it’s got surprisingly good sound quality — especially considering its price. The UE ROLL 2 has an impressive amount of bass for such a small speaker. It even has a “Bass Boost” mode to make things sound even better. And thanks to its wireless connection, you can pair two UE ROLL 2s together for stereo sound or just hand one off to a friend if they want to listen too.



So there you have it, our take on the 3 best speakers for iPhone. We’re certain that one of these will fit your needs, whether you want to stream music or are looking for a speaker for your phone calls. If none of these work for you, no worries. There are plenty of other great options that we didn’t get the chance to highlight here, so be sure to shop around before you settle on something that works for you.


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