The best camping in Mumbai to enjoy a relaxing getaway

While Mumbai, the City of Fantasies, attempts to keep up with the pace of modern life, it’s essential to put aside your worries and take time to take a breather. Setting your camp in Mumbai is a fantastic idea, especially when you know the best places to go. They’re not too far away, and you won’t have to give up your leisure as well as your spending budget. But, they’ll offer an unparalleled adventure and camping experience that is entirely tranquil within the natural surroundings.


These Are The Few Camping Near Mumbai


Uttan, Mumbai’s most secretive area, is a laid-back fishing town located on Mumbai’s northern edge. While it’s situated in the city, it’s as if it’s far away from either the urban jungle or. Uttan is an excellent spot to camp to spend a weekend close to Mumbai. You can stay under the stars, enjoy delicious fresh seafood, listen to live music and participate in some thrilling activities. Dahisar East is 17 kilometers away from Mumbai. Sumo archery, wrestling, paintball, and swimming are all well-known games. Bandcamp, located at U-Tan Resort, is the best camping resort.

  • By bus: Buses for Bhayandar are available from various locations across Mumbai, including Goregaon. You can take a different route to Uttan or hire transport from Bhayandar.
  • Train: If you’re traveling by train Bhayandar Rail Station is only 12 kilometers from Uttan.



Mumbai wallahs are accustomed to Mumbai wallahs are familiar with Karnala Nature Preserve and Karnala Fort. The nature preserve and the fort are excellent spots to camp near Mumbai. During monsoon time, the hills are covered with lush green grass and trees, making it among the top monsoon getaways close to Mumbai. Birds singing in various colors and a trip to the famed Karnala Fort are significant draws. It is located 50km from Mumbai.

Letscampout & Large Red Tent are among the top camping resorts. Karnala is accessible via the highway. After 10 kilometers along NH17 from Panvel, then turn left at Shirdi. To get from Mumbai Station to Karnala, there are many state-run buses. The closest railway station to Karnala is Panvel at 12 km away. To reach Karnala, hiring a taxi or an auto or catching a bus from the station is possible.



The serene and stunning village in Vasind is the perfect spot to camp out at night close to Mumbai. It’s among the best places to get away from your day-to-day worries and get to know fellow campers with similar desires. Vasind is also an ideal place to go kayaking and swimming or take leisurely walks through the forest. The distance is 63 km from Mumbai. The breathtaking climb up to Mahuli and the quiet nights are the major attractions. Big Red Tent is the top camping resort.

How do you get into tune?

  • By automobile: Mumbai and Vasind both can be easily reached by car. Vasind is about an hour’s drive away from Andheri. Buses depart from Vasind regularly, particularly in the city’s northern areas.
  • By train: Central Express to Kalyan Junction and then catch the bus or take taxis up to Vasind (33 kilometers).



Lonavala is a refreshing and rejuvenating break for urban dwellers. The lush green retreat is a popular weekend camping spot near Mumbai because of its accessibility and easy access. Lonavala offers a diverse selection of accommodation and dining options. It’s also among Mumbai’s most beautiful and short road trips. 66.5 km from Mumbai Karla Caves, Lohagad Fort, and adventure sports such as flying fox and cascade sliding make up the most popular places. Let’s camp out along with Rusticville Campsite Ground are the top camping spots.



There are many other locations near Mumbai where you could stay in the same manner. You can camp in a group, especially if you plan to go somewhere distant. Before embarking on your destination, make sure you check the weather in the area in which you’ll camp. Take bug repellent with you. Keep your family and friends up to date on your whereabouts. Have a flashlight on hand. Don’t set off the fire if you see wild animals within the area. Ensure you have a fever, nausea, stomach flu, nausea, and other medication for infections in your pocket. Be sure to catch the sunrise!


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