What creates that “Can’t connect to DHCP Server” problem message in Xbox?

If you’re receiving an ‘”Can’t connect to DHCP Server Xbox” error when you attempt to connect to your Xbox console via the Internet or through an internet connection. If this is the situation, you’re in the best hands to resolve the issue.

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The following article will be given simple ways or methods to remove the mistake. Let’s get started.

DHCP Server is connected to your router or other devices within your network. The function of the DHCP Server is to provide the various devices on your home network with distinct Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Suppose a different device within the router’s network is connected to the same IP address as your Xbox console has the identical IP address. In that case, your Xbox console will not be capable of connecting to the Internet or network.

Many Xbox users complained of being met by a ‘Could not join directly with the DHCP Server’ error when they attempted connecting to their Xbox console with the Internet or networks.

This error means it’s because the DHCP server isn’t able to grant an Xbox console access through the Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol). This error prevents connecting to the Internet due to many reasons. This can lead to the Xbox controller’s network connection becoming disconnected. Problem.

The cause of the “Can’t connect to your DHCP Server” this error might be due to the settings on your Xbox console, which are set to let the server assign an IP address in the process of creating the DHCP server.

It could be that the issue is due to an alternative console or device with an IP address similar to Xbox Console’s IP. Let’s find out what’s causing the problem.


What do I need to know to solve the “Can’t connect to DHCP Server” Xbox issue?

Method 1: Make sure you power up your console and device.

Turn off the router and use the Xbox Console to correct any irregular issues that could trigger this issue.

  • Step 1. Turn off your router and the Xbox Console. The Xbox Console is turned off.
  • Step 2. Remove the cords that provide power to both devices from the power outlet and remain for five to five mins.
  • Step 3: Following this, switch on both routers and your Xbox console. After that, let the connection establish itself.
  • Step 4: Next, you need to press the menu button on the Xbox Remote and navigate into Settings > Network settings. Select “Test the Network Connection” After that; you will be able to confirm if the issue is solved.

Method 2: Give an IP address that is fixed to an Xbox console

A dynamic IP associated with the Xbox console may cause this error. To fix the problem, you must provide the static IP address for your console.

  • Step 1: Connect Your Xbox console. Once connected, using the Xbox remote, navigate to Network Settings, Settings and Advanced Settings.
  • Step 2. Find and note the IP under the IP Settings” tab
  • Step 3. You can then locate “MAC Address” in the IP Settings section. Then enter the 12-digit number of the connection you’re using in your house.
  • Step 4. Then, open your browser and input your primary gateway’s URL in the bar of your browser.
  • Step 5. Input the username and password of your router for access to your router’s configuration page.
  • Step 6. If you’re on the router’s page for configuration, choose “Enable Manual Assignment” to enable it.
  • Step 7.¬†You need to enter the IP address and MAC addresses into the provided field. This field will be the same as what you entered in step two. step 3′.
  • Step 8: Select the “Add “Add” option, then test for whether the “Can’t connect to DHCP Server’ issue message is solved.


Method 3: Use a different cable or port The port or line you’re using isn’t compatible with HTML1

It is also possible to solve this issue by changing between the ports on your Internet or using the cable.

  1. Turn off the Xbox router and console and also your router and modem.
  2. Take your Ethernet cables from both devices.
  3. Ensure to connect the cable to the other port on your router or modem. You can also try another cable before connecting to the router or modem.
  4. Then, please turn off your devices and allow them to make the connection.
  5. Then, it would be best if you hit the menu button on your Xbox remote. Once you have done that, open the Settings menu, Network and Network settings’. Select from the choices to test the connection to the network. Once you’ve passed your test, you’ll be able to determine whether the DHCP errors have been fixed.


Method 4: Call Xbox Customer Service

If the issue persists, you can try contacting Xbox Customer Care via the ‘https://support.xbox.com/contact-us/‘ page. An authorized Xbox Customer Service will surely help you fix the problem. Therefore, it is suggested to try this.



I am confident that this article will help you resolve the issue of not being connected with DHCP Server Xbox with various simple methods. Learn from us and follow our steps to fix the problem. If this article was helpful to you, please share it with your acquaintances to assist them.

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