How Do Your Facebook Comments Reveal More Than You Think?

To get people to stop and interact with your brand on Facebook, you need a lot of organic visibility.

On the other hand, Facebook sees organic interaction as a good sign. The more individuals who connect with the page, the more likely the business’s next Facebook post will be seen.

Commenting on a post on Facebook is the best way to get more people to join in a conversation because people think of it as “queuing up.”

There are many things you can do to get a link to the Boost IG Likes to get people to comment on your Facebook page posts and Facebook page ads. Examine these suggestions to determine if they work.

Distribute a Questionnaire to Generate Responses:

Simply by asking a question, you can elicit communication from your blog readers or Facebook followers. Instinctive elaboration is a human reflex that happens when someone asks a question. Reflex: People have to stop thinking of or writing down a solution because they have this reflex.

When you can get Facebook users who are constantly scrolling to take a break and pay attention for a few seconds, you’ve won half the battle. Getting people to pay attention to what you’re saying is now your responsibility.

There is no way to develop an intriguing query for your Facebook page. Every person who sees your page is different. When you’re brainstorming, playing, and experimenting, keep these rules in mind to find the right way to connect with your community.

What makes a good question?

  • The idea is to have a conversation that isn’t based on preconceptions.
  • Currently, it’s being spoken about, and that’s a good fit.
  • The word “simple” doesn’t require much thought, making it easy to feel or respond quickly.
  • Some of the things that make a terrible question are:
  • It has a lot of information.
  • Take a side or don’t take one when it comes to politics.
  • To comprehend it, you’ll require a great deal of time and effort.

Craft Posts in a Way That Encourages Quick Comment Responses:

Craft Posts in a Way That Encourages Quick Comment Responses

By and large, users are more inclined to do it when requested. Marketing is an excellent application of this notion. If you want to increase the number of comments, make it as simple as possible for people to leave them! Keep it light and fun, though.

Make sure only people who are willing to help are asked to help. When an update asks for likes or comments, Facebook thinks it’s “engagement bait” and says it will punish pages. As an alternative to asking for feedback, use the following types of updates to make people want to talk more:

Make a title for this picture. Create a photograph and challenge your pals to come up with amusing captions.

Create a humorous or edgy sentence and invite your audience to complete it with their own words.

Numerous selections: Solicit assistance from your audience in making a decision. Let people choose your next banner or marketing piece when you use this as an example.

Use Comments as a Conduit to Your Opt-In:

Why not use your comments to cut down on the time it takes to sign up for your reasonable offer?

Facebook Messenger marketing software Mobile Monkey lets you turn page comments into leads through Facebook Messenger. Both free and paid choices are available. In the following section, I’ll explain how everything works in detail.

For the time being, logging in using your Facebook account is required. Select a page and a thread from which you want to start the auto-responder. Then click “OK.”

It should be both generic (it should work with any comment) and natural. Apps that use Facebook Messenger will send people when they comment on your thread. It encourages them to keep commenting on your line.


Keep in mind that your involvement on Facebook can also help your page get more people to like it. When other people are commenting, it makes other people want to do the same!

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