Five Myths About Hair Extensions: A blog that debunks common myths around Remy hair extensions & Wigs

Everyone wants their hair to be thick, voluminous, smooth, and silky. But what is the greatest approach to achieve fabulous hair? Hair extensions, specifically Remy hair extensions, are the best solution.

Maybe you are wondering what is Remy hair extension. When a hair is labeled Remy, all of the cuticles are intact, which makes a big difference in achieving the most realistic appearance. Remy hair extensions are a crowd favorite due to this feature alone.

However, not everyone is prepared for this experience due to a variety of uncertainties and confusion. Before buying Remy hair extensions online, educate yourself on the myths surrounding hair extensions in general.

So, in this blog, we will debunk the most common myths around Remy hair extensions and wigs. Let’s start!

Myth 1: Human Hair Extensions Will Result In Allergic Reactions


Remy hair extensions are a life-changing invention, and there is no better method to swiftly and effectively add length and volume to your natural hair. The wonderful thing about Remy hair extensions is that they are suitable for everyone and are available in a plethora of lengths, textures, and colors.

However, there is a popular belief that human hair extensions will cause an allergic reaction.

Although allergies to hair extensions are extremely rare. They can happen and are caused by a variety of factors. Keratin, tape extension adhesive, or the metal of the micro-rings are among the most prevalent forms of hair extensions that might cause allergic reactions.

In a nutshell, Remy human hair extensions are not the cause of allergic reactions. It is a myth. The allergic reactions can be a reaction to Keratin, the adhesive of tape extensions, or the metal of the micro-rings.


Myth 2: Remy Hair Extensions Don’t Look Natural


This is one of the most well-known myths regarding hair extensions. Remy hair extensions will always blend in beautifully with your natural hair if you choose the proper color and texture.

The truth is that when it comes to finding the right match, one must be quite picky.

If you buy Indian Remy hair extensions online, you will have a plethora of options for selecting the appropriate color and texture for your hair. The next step is to contact a hairstylist to get it to put for a faultless look. You should purchase your hair extensions from a reputable supplier based on your hair structure and appearance.

Myth 3: Remy Hair Is Expensive

Most people believe that Remy hair extensions are outrageously expensive or that the typical person cannot afford them. This was true some years ago when the cost of hair extensions was so high that only celebrities could afford them.

But today, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get competitively priced, high-quality Remy hair extensions. So, this is another myth about Remy hair extensions.

Natural hair extensions are slightly more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but they make up for their quality and duration. They also last a long time with little care, so you will surely get your money’s worth!

Myth 4: Remy Hair Extensions Aren’t Durable

You certainly want hair that looks as natural as your own if you’re going to invest in Remy hair extensions. But most people are hesitant to invest in Remy hair extension because of the myth regarding longevity which is not true at all.

Remy hair extensions are worth acquiring just for their longevity, as they outlast other hair extensions on the market. By properly caring for your Remy extensions, you can anticipate Indian Remy hair to last six to eight months.

The lifespan of Remy hair extensions is determined not only by their quality but also by how well they are cared for after the installation. Remember that hair extensions do not receive any natural oils from the scalp and require significantly more care than our original hair.

Myth 5: Remy Hair Is Only For Caucasian Women

This myth is completely false. Contrary to popular belief, Remy hair extensions aren’t exclusive to African-American or Caucasian women. People of various ethnicities enjoy the benefits of Remy hair extensions, including Indian women. The hair world is inclusive and extremely diverse. There are different Remy hair extensions for different needs.

Why Are Indian Remy Hair Extensions So Popular?


1.   Transform Your Look Instantly

It’s no surprise that celebrities and influencers adore Indian Remy hair extensions. These beauties can transform any appearance from drab to gorgeous in an instant. Remy hair extensions may provide amazing thickness and make any haircut more voluminous and dramatic for people with fine or thinning hair.

2.   It Is Low-Maintenance

Remy hair extensions do not require any additional maintenance compared to your original hair. To keep your hair extensions in good condition, brush them daily, use high-quality hair products, wear them up at night, and gently wash them. You don’t need to do anything different than you would with your ordinary hair.

3.   Versatile

A common question regarding Remy hair is-can you curl and straighten Remy hair extensions? The answer is a confident yes.

Remy hair extensions also enable you to experiment with color without causing damage to your natural hair. Install some addons to scatter in some highlights and lowlights if you want to create depth and play with different tones. Good day, new hair!

It can be curled, washed, colored, and heat styled. You can even go swimming with your extensions without fear of them being damaged. Going to bed with wet hair extensions is the only thing you should avoid.

4.   It Does Not Cause Damage To Your Natural Hair

We understand that many people are hesitant to use hair extensions for fear of harming their natural hair. This does not have to be the case, however. Your Remy hair extensions should not affect your gorgeous hair if installed professionally by an expert. Remy hair extensions are, after all, an investment, and they require some aftercare.


As the popularity of Indian Remy hair extensions grows, so does the number of myths surrounding the hair replacement option. It can be challenging to distinguish between facts and rumors, and we may need to fact-check certain things we hear on a daily basis.

When it comes to hair extensions and wigs, you want to consider the quality of the hair. As mentioned above, Remy hair is the most preferred hair in the market because it is the closest to natural human hair.

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