List of Seasonal Flowers That Can Be Used In A Wedding: Spring Season Edition

You’re in luck if you’re planning your wedding in March, April, May, or June. Spring is the peak bloom season. There are countless flowers that can be used in a wedding. The numerous options combine to produce an extensive library of flora from which to choose. Peonies, tulips, ranunculus, and anemones are among the most beautiful flowers that bloom when the weather warms.

Even if you don’t want to use in-season flowers for your wedding, other seasonal themes can be incorporated, such as the vivid hues associated with spring. Because there is so much growing going on, there are many colours to choose from throughout the transition months, making the palette as diverse as the weather. Pastels and more saturated tones are trendy in the spring, as everyone is eager to put the dreariness of winter behind them.



Daisies are the flowers used for decoration because they offer a soothing touch to the grand event. A daisy’s lovely honesty is excellent for a laid-back spring or summer wedding. These flowers are inexpensive, easy to find, and come in various shades and sizes to choose from. The daisy’s form and size will give the bridal decorations a lovely appearance.



This is a cult classic. Peonies blossom in April and continue to bloom through May and June. They’re a classic, romantic choice thanks to their delicate softness and fluffy, voluminous texture, and their diversity of colours easily complement most colour schemes. Order and Send Flowers To Delhi as these are my favourite of all time.



Anemones are one of a kind since they are wildflowers. Because the petals of anemones are blown open by the wind, the word “anemone” means “windflower” in Greek. Only in the spring does the most popular type of anemone bloom. Not only do anemones have a short bloom duration, but they also only endure two to three days as cut flowers. Because of their magnificent beauty, the option to use these elusive flowers in your wedding decor is a rewarding one.



Tulips are well-known for their wide colour range, but they also come in gorgeous purples and reds for all those lovely BoHo brides. You can order flowers online as they’re at their best from mid-March until the end of May, so they’re a terrific choice for a spring wedding.



Daffodils are the quintessential spring flower. As spring approaches, their relationship with the end of winter has long symbolized new beginnings, prosperity, and good fortune. As a result, daffodils may be an excellent addition to any spring wedding flower arrangement, whether as a bridal bouquet or a table centrepiece.



This wonderful branch looks stunning in a bride’s wedding bouquet to create a lovely wild, unstructured design or when used to produce softness in large-scale structures like a statement arch, hoop, or Moongate. Choose from apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, or the highly exotic magnolia blossoms; these blooms are deserving of a spot in my top five spring wedding flowers.



Ranunculus is one of my favourite flowers. The spherical and fluffy blossoms resemble a stunning ballerina’s tutu. Except for blue, they come in a variety of colours. Brides adore them because they have a new, modern vibe to them. They’re elegant and straightforward, and they go with practically everything, making them ideal for weddings.



Crocus, a little, squat flower with a splash of colour, can be spotted popping up through lawns and verges. Crocuses represent two qualities we strive to portray at all times: youth and joy. Crocuses occur in various colours, including yellow, purple, and white.

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