Guidelines for Structured Data

How do you structure your website data for search engines optimization?

Of course, you also have to follow specific guidelines for structured data to be included in the search results and search snippets.

Think about it carefully: If you fail to follow these guidelines and SEO practices, you will not get your desired results ranking on search engines for your target keywords. Getting organic traffic would be very difficult, and sales or ads click will not grow.

As is so often the case, the aim here is for you as the business owner or content marketer to make optimal use of the search engines to drive traffic and leads to your online business, says Techpally business team boss.

You must adhere to the following guidelines for structured data to help you perform better in search engines and compete successfully with other prominent sites in your industry.

  1. Provide current information
  2. Uses original content (created by you or your users)
  3. Do not mark up content that is not visible to your users
  4. Structured data should be an accurate representation of the page content


What is the Difference between Featured Snippets and Rich Snippets?

According to Techpally magazine, A snippet is a short, summarized excerpt from a website.

Featured snippets

The featured snippet is a featured search result that appears at the top of search results (“position 0”). You don’t achieve a featured snippet through structured data but with appropriate content that offers the best answers to search engine users’ queries. This means that the answer to a search query must be correct and comprehensive, in 1-2 sentences or a shortlist. Google pulls the text area directly from the content of the page.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get a featured snippet, but you can learn the technicalities to get featured on position 0. One of the tactics is to use the questions from Google search result suggestions in your subheadings and provide a well-formatted answer underneath. You can use bullet, italics, or make the answer bold, then try to rank the page on the first page of Google. There’s a possibility of getting featured in position 0.


Rich Results (Rich Snippets)

With rich results or rich snippets, the position of a search result is not essential. According to Businesspally, They are more visually appealing and enriched with additional information displayed alongside the title, description, and URL. These can be, for example, opening times, ratings, contact details, recipes, or prices.


Impact of Structured Data on SEO & Content

Labeling structured data is not a ranking factor, says chaktty. However, if your result differs from your competitors so that users are more likely to click on your website, the click rate and the time spent on your site naturally increase. Relevant, qualitative content and an appealingly highlighted search result on your website increase the chance of more potential customers visiting, says businesspally boss.

Clear structuring allows the search engines to understand better and classify your content and encourages your users to click on your site and stay there. Even if structured data does not directly impact ranking, a higher click-through rate does affect ranking. So structured data does have an impact on SEO, businesspally CEO. But remember: Even if you have entered the markups correctly, there is no guarantee that your structured data will also be displayed as a rich result!



Implementing guidelines for structured data enriches your success as a content marketer. Not guaranteed, but still more and more important: With the help of structured data, you can achieve rich results that increase your visibility and click rate – and then your ranking.

Therefore, if you want to do good and sustainable SEO, you should take structured data into account and implement it correctly.



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