Everything you need to know about Sondai Fort Trek


Close to Karjat Chowk Phata, Sondai isn’t a well-known fort. Karjat train station lies located nine kilometers away from Sondai Fort Trek. Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri forts, Karnala Fort, and the Matheran mountains can all be observed from this. Sondai Fort Karjat was utilized as an observation tower to protect trade routes. The Sondai fort’s villages that are its base include Sondewadi and Wavarle. Sondewadi is the village. Sondewadi is located in one-quarter of the highest point that is the fort. The highest point is where a sculpture of Sondai Devi is situated in the middle, are two reservoirs of water and steps made from rocks. Two more water cisterns that have potable water are on their way.

Sondai, located in Karjat, is among the most beautiful assets of the state and is blessed with stunning views. It is known for its enthralling visitors with thrilling treks, especially in the monsoon months. From the top of the Matheran Mountain range, amidst lush meadows and obscure pinnacles that are eerily clear, it is simply breathtaking.


Essential to be aware of

In Base Village Base Village, there are no washrooms, restrooms, or toilets. This means that you’ll have to visit the nearby hotel for these facilities. To hike safely, do not carry too much weight. Shoes and floaters aren’t allowed. Instead, wear good quality athletic or hiking shoes.


Activities to be done

  • Join in on this Sunday-only hike that is open from 5:15 a.m. until 8:15 p.m.
  • There are two ways to get to the trek’s starting point: either take a taxi and be picked up at any of the mentioned pick-up points in Mumbai or take a drive to the village that is the base.
  • When you’re heading to breakfast, take a break for a snack and replenish your energy for the trek ahead.
  • Begin with your guide, who will accompany you through the entire journey when you reach the base settlement.
  • Begin your trek towards the summit of the Sondai Fort and travel it through the stunning pathways following a brief introduction.
  • Go to the top, take in the stunning views, and capture the breathtaking views that rise through the sky.
  • Start by heading to the main settlement, and take lunch in the main settlement.
  • Start your journey towards Mumbai with an optimistic outlook and conclude with a positive note.


The best time to visit Sondai

The best time to go to Sondai Fort is during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to January since this fort’s majestic beauty offers breathtaking views. There’s also the trek through lush green hills, as you marvel at the natural beauty.

In the monsoon months, it is possible to see rare birds and take in the stunning flowers.


Distance to Mumbai

Sondai Fort is 62.2 kilometers away from Mumbai and takes around one an hour 30 mins to get there. The nearest airport can be found at Karjat Railway Station, easily accessible from Mumbai; however, there isn’t a direct bus service connecting Sondai Fort’s main base.

It is possible to use your ST buses from Borgaon Phata and walk 5 km to Shindewadi Hamlet. Here you can hire any vehicle to reach the destination.

The hike to Sondai Fort begins at 8:00 a.m. and finishes at 7:07 p.m. The walk lasts for 11 hours, which is ideal for first-time beginners. For those on their own or female travelers, this Sondai Fort trek is entirely secure. Various safety tools are used to ensure that you are safe during your walk. Before you begin your walk, it is assured that first aid supplies are carried.

You’ll also be assigned a guide who will guide you through a short walking session before beginning the trek. You need to follow the instructor’s instructions to complete the walk safely. Karjat Railway Station happens to be the nearest station and is accessible in Mumbai, Pune, and Thane. Direct bus service to Sondai Fort is not available, but you can travel on an ST Carriage to Boregaon Pahata and get a vehicle to reach the location.


This Sondai Fort Trek package includes transport from Karjat Railway Station.



The journey is easy and separated until the top of the Sondai fortress. Sondai Fort trek starts at Shindewadi village. Sondai stronghold trek is through the wild, rock fixations, iron stepping stools, and the sloppy fields.

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