Style tips to wear men’s shirts for the beach

Dressing for the beach has never been easier with the rise of men’s shirts for the beach. T-shirts are now worn anywhere and there are more options than ever that appeal to many different tastes and styles. Today, we discuss shirts for the beach specifically and how to wear them for maximum style appeal.

While the beach is a great place for you to relax and unwind, it does not mean that you should not look your best. Beachwear does not always have to be revealing and show off your skin. If you can cover up in the right clothes, then you will look just as good as if you were going out on the town one evening.

Shirts for the beach not only look good on the beach but they can also be worn for a night on the town. They can also be easily paired with men’s board shorts for some stylish looks. It’s all about finding what works for you – and what doesn’t.

First of all, beach shirts are available in a host of different fabrics and styles. From cotton to soft linen, from polyester to chambray, when it comes to men’s shirts – you can have it all! That said, there are certain fabrics that are obviously more appropriate for the beach owing to their light and airy feel.

Secondly, what makes beach shirts so great is that you can lounge in these shirts as well as head to the beach in them. They are perfect for a variety of occasions. Comfort, class, and style – you can find all of these in beach shirts!

But if you want to make sure you look fashionable in beach shirts, make sure to wear them in a way that will flatter your shape and body style. It is best to go with what you have and accentuate your positive attributes.

Perhaps the best thing about beach shirts nowadays is that they come in a variety of different styles, colors and fabrics which makes them so much easier to style.

You can find patterned beach shirts, neutral or solid ones; button-downs, and simple beach tees. All of them have their own unique style – as we said, it’s all about finding what works for you.


Top Style Tips for Shirts For the Beach

Since men’s shirts come with a vast selection of cuts and colors for all tastes and skin tones, you’ll need to know how best to wear them when you hit the beach.

  1. Finding the right fit is crucial. When it comes to styling shirts for the beach, the first step is to obviously get your closet full of the best ones that have the right fit, size, and also style. Men nowadays have cracked the fashion code and also know how to style premium terry polos, tropical shirts and even flannel shirts for the beach. Finding the right pants or shorts to pair with your shire is crucial. For example, a terry polo shirt can be paired with khaki shorts and white sneakers to have a beer by the beach. Alternatively, a flannel button-down shirt can be paired with shorts and sandals for an easy, breezy look.
  1. Opt for lighter colors. You may want to wear a bright or patterned shirt on the beach, but if you’re worried about overheating or feeling too hot, you’ll want to opt for a lighter color during the daytime and darker colors for nighttime — with accent colors on your pocket and collar as well. For example, cream and blush colored terry polos can be styled with white board shorts for the perfect summer looks.
  2. Wear it loose enough to breathe. You may want to consider a relaxed fit that allows the cool air to circulate around your body when the weather gets cooler at night. We talked at length about also picking shirts with breathable and comfortable fabric. This goes a long way to make sure you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can pair beach shirts with board shorts which are also quite comfortable and breathable.
  3. Go minimal with accessories. Accessories can easily be lost or misplaced at the beach. Moreover, a minimalistic look always goes a long way. Some men just throw on a casual hat and sunglasses to keep it casual and simple. We recommend the same.
  4. For men with a preference for more formal attire during the daytime, it’s best to wear a solid-colored beach shirt as opposed to a patterned one to run errands or go out to the beach. This beach shirt can also be paired with chinos for a formal look.



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