Things To Do In Kamshet

Kamshet is a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats
located in the Pune district, only 45km away from the central city Pune. One of
the best things about this place is that whenever we think about Pune things
that come to our mind is city life traffic and all other things but just a half
and more hour drive will let you reach the beautiful hill station with a lot of
things to do which you are not able to do in your daily city life. It is a charming
and peaceful small village with natural scenery and non-polluted air. You can
see around the small village huts. Sunflower harvesting is there. It can be
your go-to destination, but this is not the end. You have a lot of things to do
near Kamshet, and you will be surprised to know that Kamshet is one place which
comes in the top 10 best places in India to visit for adventure lower. Here is
all the place where you can see & things to do from Kamshet village.

1 – Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is one of the best destinations for nature lovers and one of the most liked camping sites near Pune and Lonavala. Lake is covered with big mountains, and the climate is pleasant all year round you can visit all the time. This is an artificial lake made during the making of the Pawna dam in Pawna river, but it looks like it’s carved out by nature artworks- a beautiful sunset, clean air, High hills, lake view all of that you will get in this lake. From Mumbai Pune and Lonavala, it is a go-to weekend location to camp and enjoys nature, and the best thing is this place is unexplored. You can enjoy nature and peace here.


2 – Paragliding

Kamshet is a paradise for paragliders. There are plenty of
locations in Kamshet to do paragliding, and anyone can do paragliding there
from beginner to experienced. Everyone can enjoy paragliding in Kamshet. There
is a school for beginner paragliders who want to learn paragliding properly; kamshet
is a hub for paragliders and adventure seekers who want to adventure.


3 – Bedsa Caves

caves are Buddhist carved monuments and caves, and it was made in 60 BC. It is
also known as Bedse cave. It is one of the oldest caves in Maharastra; while
trekking for the caves, it will feel like you are going to the history of India.

caves are 25 feet high pillars, and there is a big praying hall where you can
feel the peace of the place.

bedsa caves


4 – Kodeshwar Temple

The old construction temple is of lord shiva and represents
the construction of the ancient Hemadpanti style. It is a rough climb, so it is
a no to visit during monsoon season. Temple is made to praise lord shiva, and
near the temple, a small pond and a waterfall are located.

kodeshwar Temple


5 – Shinde wadi hills

As we have discussed before, Kamshet is a hotspot for all
adventure seekers as there are many places to do paragliding. This is a
location where the beginner can also do paragliding as this is only 100 to 200
feet above ground level. There is a history of the war between Britisher and
Madhavrao Shinde. They ambushed this hill and killed their people.

shinde wadi hills

6 – Bhairi Caves

The cave is located in a high rock, and animal sacrifices are made here from the history of Kamshet. There is old thinking of locals, or I can say there is belief about this place in locals that there are utensils and if anyone tries to steal them they will be punished by god. The trek is challenging, dangerous, and tricky, so be careful while hiking.

Bhairi Caves


7 – Shopping in Kamshet

Kamshet is a small village where you will not get a lot of
options to go shopping, and there is a small market where you can buy the local
daily items.

shopping in kamshet

Best Time To visit 

The best time to visit Kamshet is after the monsoon season, as most of the things you can do here are mostly closed or not done during monsoon season. It can be dangerous to do or risky, so almost it is closed, and after the monsoon, the views are most beautiful as there is a lot of greenery. And if you are planning to go to Kamshet you should enjoy nature and peace there; there are many things to do like trekking, paragliding, and camping you should want and make sure not to disturb wildlife by throwing garbage here and there.

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