Top 5 Tapestries Which Will Add An Ethnic Feel To Any Room

Every person wants to embellish his beloved home just like the world of his dreams, whether it’s small or big. Tapestry is one of the best ways to give a great look to the house. No matter whether the house is big or small, these tapestries give a stylish and elegant look to the house. A beautifully printed, well crafted, elegantly designed hippie tapestry is certainly an interesting way to beautify home interiors.The tapestry wall hanging looks historical as they are designed from various cultural backgrounds. Today time tapestries are used in unique and  very different ways.  The main room in the entire house is the living room and it definitely provides the best impression to the guests visiting your home.

Here is a list of the 5 best tapestries for your interiors and will make your home look its best:



These are the most beautiful mandala tapestries that give the living room the best ethnic feel in just a few seconds.  It can be used to hang on windows or even as a bedspread. Mandala Tapestry has a gorgeous traditional and authentic pattern which is perfect for home decor and  it also comes in gorgeous ethnic colors. This tapestry does refresh the place and spread positivity in the atmosphere. It represents a spiritualism which shows the universe. This kind of design also adds positive vibrations to our home. This type of tapestry is the most preferred type of tapestry which has a unique luxury designs. This tapestry provides the best traditional feel for the home. This tapestry can also be used as a curtain. Just need to choose the best colors of this tapestry to provide instant best warmth to your living room . If you are planning to buy a cotton wall hanging in a beautiful Indian or modern print then go for the Mandala tapestry which is surely the topmost choice.



It is also the best tapestry to decorate the room. You should look at the size of the room and then choose the best wall hanging tapestry to be used in the decoration part of the room as well. There is much innovativeness and perfection in this kind of tapestry. Many people need this type of tapestry to feature tons of vibrance to their décor. These types of tapestries are available in both small and large sizes. This type of tapestry can also be made from patchwork or through embroidery. Before looking for the best elephant tapestry, it should be known that a large size printed elephant tapestry would be the best choice for the room even if it is not big in size.





Apart from the simple tapestry for the decoration of the house, the option of class should also be chosen. Some of the classic  favorites in Bohemian tapestries and spread are authentic block prints which are created by dipping hand-carved wooden blocks in dye and then hand pressed on to fabric. Such bohemian tapestries always look attractive and classy because boho tapestries are made of cotton and are also quite easy to maintain. We can also use this boho tapestry as a bedspread.




This tapestry is one of the best ethnic feelings that tapestry for home decor provides. We can use it as a curtain, it also helps in enhancing the beauty of wall hanging doors and windows.It is a kind of mesmerizing tapestry and serves as an attention grabber for the visitors and tourists visiting the house. We can use this tapestry as a hanging décor in our home, as a bedspread, as a tablecloth, as a ceiling cover, and as curtains. It gives a refreshing environment and charms in our room décor.  This tapestry adds a distinct charm to the home and interior decor trend. This tapestry is an amalgamation of colors and fine art that gives an ethnic feel to everyone inside the house.




Decorating with a sun and moon tapestry is a great way to add class and elegance to home. These types of tapestry are ethically handmade in India. Sun & Moon Tapestry Wall Hanging has edged edges for an extra cool finish. These printed cotton fabric tapestry wall hangings make a college dorm, living room or bedroom extra special by giving them a hippie look. It gives a superb effect and ethic look in our home. This sun and moon tapestry can also be used as a beach picnic sheet. We can use this type of tapestry as a bedspread and as a wall hanging. If you want to add that ethic look to your room then you can select this kind of tapestry pattern.

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