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Web development is now a promising field that attracts applicants from all educational and professional levels. You can design your entire website by hiring the best web developer, but the question is to find out the best Web Development Company in Jaipur.

There is a list of the best Web Developer Skills to target in 2022. For adding more information, you have to use a different type of tools that helps you in the high rating of your website and give extra benefits to your business, so the file must be saved on the web page from which you get good business dealings for excess of your data. Some other tools are used for making websites in case of images, links, addresses, and other material.


Best ideas offered by HastagSoft for web developer’s projects

This list of web design ideas by HastagSoft is suitable for beginners and advanced, so Let’s move on to these project ideas that will strengthen the foundation and enable you to rise to the next level without any other hassles.

Page layout

This project aims to reproduce pixel-perfect layouts and create responsive page layouts. It is also a start-up project that allows new students to test new knowledge and skill levels because you can build this project using the Conquer model, and This template is filled with some unique designs.


Login authentication

Almost all websites now have a login authentication feature, so mastering this skill will help you in future web and app projects.


Landing page of the product

To create a product landing page for your website, you need to understand HTML and CSS; this project creates a column and places the landing page components inside the column.


Giphy with its API

This is an excellent project for beginners rebuilding a Giphy site using the Giphy API. Web company in Jaipur recommends Giphy API because you do not need an API key to use it.


Test JavaScript

Getting to know JavaScript is not complicated, but it is often difficult to apply this knowledge in real-world scenarios. However, you can test your skills by working in a JavaScript-based quiz mini-game.

By building this project, you can learn about data handling, DOM manipulation, and handling complex logic.


To-do list

You can use JavaScript to create web applications to create to-do lists for daily tasks. JavaScript is an excellent option for pending projects because it allows you to design an interactive coding menu that will enable users to add, remove, and even group items.


SEO friendly site

Search engine optimization is an integral part of building websites today. Without SEO, web development skills will not have visibility to generate organic search traffic in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). It is helpful to know SEO techniques. You can build your website with user-friendly URLs and responsive design if you are familiar with SEO. This allows you to quickly load your site on your desktop or mobile device, increasing your brand’s presence on social media.


Draw with JavaScript

CodePen’s Infinite Rainbow inspires this project. The great thing about this project is the availability of lovely JavaScript graphics libraries like canvas, Canviz, and Raphael. As you work on this project, you will learn how to use and implement the drawing features of JavaScript.


Search engine results page

When creating this project, make sure your webpage returns at least ten search results (equivalent to Google).


Similar to Google Home

Remember that you need to make an exact copy of your Google homepage along with the Google logo, search icon, text box, Gmail, and image buttons (basically everything you see on the Google homepage), but the thing is you have a good understanding of HTML and CSS, this is relatively easy.


Greeting page

An honor page is dedicated to honoring a loved one, a respected person, and an honorable person. In addition to the description, you must add pictures, links, etc., on the (related) page.


Examination form

If you are an expert in HTML or HTML5, it is easy to create survey and quiz forms. Today, many companies still use survey forms to collect relevant data about their target audience.


Quit the plug-in

When you visit a website or web page, you should consult your web developers and check the web developer skills to see a small popup appear on your screen when you leave the website or page. Companies often use termination plug-ins to display compelling offers that get users on the site. You can use JavaScript and its skills to design your checkout plug-in that customizes your content based on the user’s time on the page.


Take notes

This project is very similar to the “To-Do List” project mentioned above. This allows the user to select a letter when starting the application. The new entry is automatically marked with the current date, time, and place when you choose a message. This is a great web developer for tracking events and fixing wrong calendar issues.


Social share button

Most Word Press-based sites, especially content-based ones, have a social sharing button that allows users to share content across various social media platforms. However, adding a social share button for static pages that do not rely on Word Press is difficult.


Notification bowl

Toast messages are discrete and immodest window elements used to display expired maps. Toast messages appear mainly on Android OS. You will be asked to design a toast notification widget in this project.


AJAX login

The focus of this project is to create an AJAX-like website login/frontend page. AJAX login does not require you to reload the login page to see if you need to enter the correct login information.


Word counter

This is a valuable tool for anyone who writes detailed documentation, blogs, articles, and more.



Another simple project on our list is a countdown timer or a clock.


Modal popup

This project is similar to creating a social share button but designing a typical popup that sends emails, campaigns, and subscriptions to users. The popup window should also be something you can click to close. You can try different animations and stylized inputs like fade in and fade out to make your project more meaningful.



You can use the API to generate placeholder data or structure a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). You have the data, load it into your app using an AJAX request (a jQuery or HTTP XML request), just as you would in a real app, so web development skills can be designed to store recommendations in local memory to avoid unnecessary network requests.

Many of these trends focus on improving the user experience on mobile devices because they will focus on improving the user experience on smart wearables and devices they have not seen in the future. Keeping track of web developers’ trends helps your site attract and keep visitors happy.



All of the above projects are relatively easy and ideal for first graders who are just starting to enter the world of web developers. By working on these projects, you can expand your skill set and improve your professional portfolio through an e-commerce web development company in Jaipur.

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