10 Low-Cost Simple Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas in Dehradun

A low-cost simple wedding stage decoration is usually a DIY task for bridesmaids. By ‘do-it-yourself’, I do not refer to the great flower ornaments that you have organized for the lady. Be that as it may, the actual low-cost planning for wedding stage decorations! Having a financial plan for the eagerly awaited day can seem completely utopian. Still, it’s conceivable thanks to a few simple tips and tricks.

Here, we have gathered probably the awesome and most conceivable cost-viable ideas for wedding stage decorations.


1. ‘Marigold-Round’ Wedding Stage Decoration for Mehndi

As a woman, you probably won’t get much opportunity to improve your mehndi ceremony decorations. Of course, some things can be prepared in advance, including a perfect flower plan. Here, the Wedding stage decoration is entirely based on two variables. First and foremost the yellow and orange flowers plus the whimsical little stools that are adorable and ‘Instagramable’ too.

Central Issues:

The principal attraction is the simple round focal point and square coffee table. Ideal for Mehendi, small beautiful stools are just a height to the rest of the atmosphere.

Here, apart from the additional decorations, the entire decoration would cost around ₹5000 for the flowers. Isn’t this a frivolous lost-cost wedding stage decoration?


2. Flower Baskets Like Dreams Wedding Stage Decoration

This is a one-time thing and can go with every single occasion in a wedding ceremony. The total of what it has is an originally pitched patio and some extraordinary containers of flowers that are hung together.

You just need to invest the resources in the reality and nature of flowers. While the rest of the decorations are not far away from the decorators. I think it will cost you around ₹10K.

Central Issues:

The principal attraction of this short-sighted scheme is particularly associated with the small bushel which is also plentiful with tiny flowers and petals. This is a decent low-cost simple wedding stage decoration.

Florists have practically used a few red and pink flowers for bushels. Apart from this, there are also some disconnected rural branches.


3. Simple Wedding Stage Decoration With White Flower Hanging

All things considered, because I have these low-cost simple wedding decorations; You too will choose them without any doubt. The wonderful White Flowers game plan is valuable and highly positioned.

The flower hangs on the rack or the short-sighted highlight of a marriage’s privileged status. Together they make perhaps the best planning for the wedding.

Central Issues:

The complete mix may or may not run between ₹5,000 to ₹8000. It is better that you choose fake flowers instead of real flowers.

Everyone in your wedding ceremony will be in awe of this stunning Wedding Stage Decoration Plan.


4. Kalamkari Tent Wedding Stage Decoration for Mehndi

The curtains forming a tent shape around the base are made in chikankari variety. The delicate white texture of the drapery is making the whole décor that much more dreamy.

The biggest aspect of this style is the theme of the low-cost simple wedding stage decorations. The decorations are great and are probably the most appropriate elements expected for a simple mehndi.

Central Issues:

The components of this wedding stage decoration are the lighting and small fannings around the foundation of the bed.

Roughly you will have to spend around ₹4000-5000 on the whole plan. Thus, it is sensible and also very reasonable.


5. Mandala Stand Wedding Stage Decoration For Haldi

As a mandala artist, you can browse a wide range of options. Be that as it may, assuming you’re brand new to this specific idea, it’s cool for you.

You won’t need to stress most things, but installing a simple divider like this is undoubtedly the best decision of all.

Central Issues:

The fundamental highlight of this divider is the green foundation from the banana leaf. Which seems like a great place to take selfies on the occasion of a wedding.

It’s incredibly cost-viable, as the wood siding of the dividers, coverings, and some need to pay for the necessary plans that are simple and utilitarian.


6. The Rustik Pink Wedding Stage Decoration

The occasion is all pink, and a large part of the wedding stage decoration is botanical, and much is collected as well. This may sound very strange to you, which is false.

Whereas in the case of leasing the rest of the furnishings furniture it is very sensible and prudent. All you need to do is lease a space that is now pink and has good lighting.

Central Issues:

When you’ve rented a luxurious space like this, the rest of the decor at that point is hard to be of any use. Choosing a low-cost planning commitment stage decoration is great. The pink-colored sofa is ideally suited for your low-cost simple wedding stage decoration.

I suggest that your wedding stage decorations should be the same color as the rest of the banquet aisle is concerned. Use sound judgment for your important day.


7. Bright Couch Low-cost Wedding Stage Decoration

It can look extraordinarily low and faded. Whereas the first decoration will look far better inside a room that is extraordinarily luxurious and easy. Ideal for your engagement too.

This specific plan has the absolute best-shaded pads that are reusable even after the wedding ceremony is over. Even if you are leasing it, it will cost you ₹10 per day.

Central Issues:

This type of wedding stage decoration is one of the most incredible flower plans. You can choose the sofa or the foundation tone as per your craving.

For the most part, every low-cost simple wedding stage decoration bundle includes flowers and a few small colors. In any case, it is not only in your pocket, but also looks great.


8. Paper Palm Leaves For Simple Wedding Stage Decoration

The primary scheme of this decoration is the spectacular leaf of the entrance door action. These are great DIY projects that can be handed out to your bridesmaids or even the best men. These low-cost simple wedding stage decorations could never leave design.

Watch a YouTube video with little step-by-step instructions for making a palm leaf out of paper. The way the paper expands like a real palm leaf is an incredible decision.

Central Issues:

The basic decor includes the beautiful deck, plus the outline of a well-constructed entryway. I would propose it for mehndi or any other modest occasion.

It will only cost you great paper, staplers, sticks, stick-on, and other important things expected of palm leaves. Plus you still have a nice wooden door jamb.

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9. Gem Chairs For Simple Wedding Stage Decoration

This is a perfect low-cost simple wedding stage decoration. The gemstone white seats are ideally suited for the much-awaited day out and you need not insist on leasing another high space for the couple.

The straightness of the seats, and the legitimate moon-lit setting. Together they make perhaps the best plan for the wedding ceremony. You should just take the seat on lease.

Central Issues:

In addition to leasing the wonderful seat plan, there are some inconspicuous subtleties as well. Like the stunning white flower game plan for some extra pink roses too.

The entire course of action will cost you around ₹8000 to 10K. Which for the most part is relevant for leasing seats and buying small flowers for service.


10. Wedding Curtains for Simple Wedding Stage Decoration

It is undoubtedly a low-cost simple wedding stage decoration style. Which doesn’t affect the spending plan so much. You want some nice lighting and some draperies.

The decorator has set a classic red drape as the foundation for the occasion, with a few extra lights that are used as an essential feature for the wedding ceremony.

Central Issues:

The red curtains that go by as the foundation of the rest of the scheme are undoubtedly modest. Like you just need to pay for it, and the seating area assuming you’ve leased one.



Aside from those easily overlooked details, everything else in the setting is appropriate with the theme of the wedding service. The lady of the time is seen staggering with her feet on a little stool support.

These were probably the awesome and most useful kind of low-cost simple wedding stage decoration ideas. Choose one as per your decision and financial plan.


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