Methods to Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Problem

Watching videos on YouTube is widespread; we are always looking for relaxed, entertaining, or knowledgeable content. But it’s so annoying when the app keeps pausing. No matter how many times you try, you are stuck there thinking, why does my YouTube keeps pausing? There are a lot of us who have experienced this problem.

Well, the good news is there’s nothing to worry about, as the problem is easily fixable. And that is why we have made this article to help you fix the issues with YouTube.

But first, let’s learn what the cause of this issue is.

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing?

There are many reasons why your YouTube stops automatically. Most of them are minor and can be fixed within a few minutes. Let’s see what those are:

  • YouTube may be outdated.
  • There might be a lot of cached data that you need to clear.
  • The “Remind to take a break” feature may have been enabled.
  • Your network may not be stable.
  • The headphone jack could be loose.
  • There might have been some issue with the browser you are using the app.


Another reason why your YouTube suddenly stops is that there’s some trouble with the app itself. YouTube is one of the most widely used apps; millions of users are on it simultaneously, so it is pretty apparent having an issue with it. But if that’s not the case, your YouTube can be fixed in just a few steps.


How To Fix An Issue With YouTube?

Here are some quick and easy methods to help you fix YouTube keep pausing errors:


Method 1: Update the App

Using the same version of YouTube for a long time can be why the app keeps on interrupting your videos. Try updating the app to fix this issue.

For Android users – visit the Google PlayStore to update the app.

For iOS users – visit the AppStore to update the app.


Method 2: Clear Cache

The stored data of the previously watched videos can be why you are facing this issue. The data helps to load those videos faster when you play them again, but the same data can be in the way of other videos. This is why clearing the unused cached data is vital for uninterrupted streaming.

To clear the cache, go to your device settings> click on apps> locate the YouTube app and click on the ‘Clear Cache’ option.


Method 3: Disable the “Remind to take a break” Feature of YouTube

The “Remind to take a break” feature is for the binge-watchers. The feature pauses the video automatically when you have been playing videos on YouTube continuously for a few hours.

You might have enabled the feature and have forgotten about it, and now your videos keep on pausing.

To disable this feature – launch the YouTube app> click on profile> go to settings and tap on general> tap on “Remind to take a break” and turn it off.


Method 4: Check Your Network Connection

YouTube requires a proper network connection to run smoothly. Make sure your device is connected to a stable internet connection; if not, try again with another connection and see if it works.


Method 5: Check Your Headphone Jack

If your headphones jack is loose, YouTube will get the signal that the device is constantly being removed, and hence, it will keep on pausing. So make sure your headphones are plugged in properly to get zero interruptions.


Method 6: Check Your Browser

If you use a browser while streaming videos on YouTube, there might be an issue with the browser.

As mobile devices, the browser also keeps stored data in cache and cookies. These new caches and cookies can be the reason behind your issue. Try clearing the browser cache and other cookies and try again.


Use these methods to fix your YouTube keeps pausing issue. Until there’s an issue from YouTube’s side, all the problems are fixable with just a few easy techniques.

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